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Multithread + Ubiquiti Amplifi

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Perfected User Experience

Setup in Seconds

With easy setup and configuration, your network is up and running in no time.

Automatic Updates

Future features and performance updates will be coming soon.

Always Know Who Is Using Your Network

The app keeps track of which devices are connected, and for how long.

Track ISP and System Performance

Get throughput readings and test your ISP speed at any time.

A Simple, Powerful App

Guest Access, Simplified

AmpliFi guest access uses an "open time window" to allow instant guest on-boarding without sharing your password. No security compromise or inconvenience.

QoS (Quality of Service)

QoS options allow you to prioritize Wi-Fi clients based on gaming, streaming, or normal Internet usage.

Remote Management

Remotely access and manage your AmpliFi Wi-Fi system using your Google or Facebook profile.

Family Profiles

Configure parental controls: define user profiles, assign devices, and create Internet access schedules.

Quiet Times

Assign quiet time to family profiles to limit Internet access during late-night hours.

Extend Existing Networks

AmpliFi MeshPoint HD with its dual-band radio, data traffic flows smoothly during transmission and reception like a wide, multi-lane highway.

MeshPoint HD provides Wi-Fi coverage to the farthest ends of your home with Mesh Multi-Hop! Each MeshPoint can communicate with each other and does not have to connect directly to the main router. You CAN add multiple MeshPoints HD in a row to provide coverage where needed.


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